D Johnson is a full-blood Dineí (Navajo) American Indian, born in Shiprock, New Mexico (United States), in 1961. Though born in New Mexico, Johnson was raised in Teec Nos Pos, AZ. Johnsonís family consists of his mother, second  oldest brother and two nieces. Johnson's oldest brother passed on in 1971 and his father in the late 1990s . D Johnson is the youngest of three brothers.


Johnson released his first CD Album, entitled "Midnight Song", in 2001 with VPR label. His debut CD is a compilation of songs he had written during prior years. Two songs from this debut CD, "Only Wind Blowing Sand", and "One Winter's Day", became the theme tracks to two national Silver Telly Award-winning documentary videos. Billy Williams of MCA Records, who had produced several albums with MCA Country Music Recording Artist Lyle Lovett, produced both songs. Additionally, "Only Wind Blowing Sand" became Song Number Nine in the 2006 Super Country Hits Top 50 Songs List for the year. "Midnight Song" went to #1 for one week in November 2006 on NCI FM-Radio of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and later "Midnight Song" went to #1 for two-weeks on Super Country Hits in January 2007.


Johnson is currently performing again, but more on a part-time basis. Johnson would like to mostly resort to just writing songs and recording. He simply states "...I'm getting older now and the music business market is mostly interested in the younger talent. Us older musicians seem to be better at just writing songs for the younger generation. ...They're better looking anyway (He chuckles)".  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Johnson formed Night Gun Band. They played with many national artists, including John Anderson, Asleep At The Wheel, Mark Chesnutt, Faith Hill, The Kendalls, the Kentucky Headhunters, Doug Kershaw, Tracy Lawrence, Michael Martin Murphy, and Johnny Rodriguez. Johnson and Night Gun Band performed at many prestigious concerts in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, as well as throughout the country. After a ten-to-fifteen year absence from the music scene, Johnson returned to performing in 2004, with a full-scale band beginning in September of 2005.  In 2008, Johnson relieved the reformed Night Gun Band members from the group and encouraged them to freelance with other artists. From time to time, Johnson and Night Gun Band members get together for "Jam" sessions. If you're lucky, you just might run into one of those Saturday night "jams" somewhere in a Juke Joint hammering away at some good 'ole Country music mixed with Classic Rock and Blues tunes. Every so often, Johnson may share with you a moving ballad with that rich, deep and resonating voice he is so well known for.


How much more Johnson will do in the future remains to be seen, but itís apparent that he never lost his pizzazz and wonderfully rich musical voice. You can never get enough of listening to Johnson. Should you ever get the chance to see his performance, you'll know why Johnson continues to have such a large and loyal following.

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